Journal 2

In Tiffany Martinez’s journal post “Academia, Love me Back” her message is that even though she has earned and credited for ao much work to fufill her goal of being a professor, she was faced with basically racist remarks like that because of her last name and appearance, she isnt capable of making well worded and structed papers and how from this she felt destroyed, but still manages to push through. Her message is to the flawed academic system for not being able to recognize her work, but recognize her name and face and make assumptions based on one thing alone: her race.  Her progessor saying that her work “wasnt hers” and that it was just cooy and paste demoralized her at first, but soon became her motivation to write in order to be seen more than just a Hispanic, she wants to be seen for her work, not her race.

In the other reading “ Arguements based on Emotion”  the article is all about how most reactions/ emotions made in writing or arguements are the driving force in said piece. This connects to Martinez due to how heartbroken she felt after seeing her paper being basically thrown out  with the ink from her professor saying how hence “isnt her word”, which drove her emotion to want to continue in spite of her professor to fufill her dream.

While I dont have any personal moments that relate to Martinez’s examples, I can certainly agree that the academic system is flawed and may need to be reworked to ensure all students are able to acheive their dreams and goals without hassle or worry.

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